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Hi, Iím Gary, welcome the the ccsports free arena .. enjoy the resources available, share information, enjoy the music and videoís,  keep fit and healthy .. its all free .. Do post to us in the forum, we would love to hear from you ..enjoy ..
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Welcome to the arena video area .. Click on the thumbnails below to watch the videos.

CC Sports Workout Video
Submitted by: CC Sports and Fitness
CC Sports Workout Video
Submitted by: CC Sports and Fitness

We will be adding more videos in this section in the coming months. So please stay tuned as we give you more exciting videos that will help you keep in shape and stay healthy!

Please send your video's in to be featured in this area.. we will be holding a health, nutrition and fitness video competition very soon with big prizes and the winner will be judged by the public.. full details given out soon in the ccsports newsletter .. sign up for it here >

So if you have always wanted to make your own video to be seen by potentially thousands of ccsports website visitors now's the time.. grab the cam.. and away you go.. here's the info:

1. The video must be health - fitness - or nutritional based eg: a fitness workout, product or food advice, health tips etc .. anything like that will be great ..

2. The video must be converted to WMV format on a cd or dvd ..

3. Snail mail it to:

xocet limited
97, The Grove

Hey presto.. you're done .. xocet will upload your video and it will be available to view in this area.

For Assistance or information please email projects@xocet.com where you will find the best possible help and advice.

We look forward to watching along with the community .. and have you automatically entered into the pending exciting competition..

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